Sunday, July 13, 2014

#NashvilleMusic Randy Finchum, Chuck Oden song "Letting Angels Down Easy', cut by Steve Roberson, airs on 95.5 WTVY Radio

#NashvilleMusic via Randy Finchum who said:'We have a new song on Christian Country radio! Steve Roberson's cut of "Letting Angels Down Easy", written by Chuck Oden Odens Row and myself, made its debut at #10 on the Son Country Countdown on 95.5 WTVY this morning! Thanks Fred Bacher for playin' it (and for the on-air shout out!)....Steve for an awesome cut....and, most of all, God for yet another very cool blessing!!!!

You can find out more about Randy Finchum from his Facebook page and follow his music career.

More about Chuck Oden, Odens Row on his Facebook page.

More about Steve Roberson on his Facebook page.
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