Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Richard Lynch: #NashvilleMusic via Twang Thang Music: Richard Lynch Nominated/The Male Country Artist of The Year/Independent Country Music Association in Nashville.

#NashvilleMusic via Twang Thang & Twang Thang Music which said:'All righty y’all, we sure would appreciate your support ! Our Posse member Richard Lynch Band/Country Music has been Nominated as The Male Country Artist of The Year by the Independent Country Music Association in Nashville. We all sure would love to have your fan vote for this very deserving traditional country artist ! You can vote for him beginning today !! It’s very simple to do, and it sure would mean a lot to Richard & all of us at Twang Thang Country. Just click on this link and follow the very simple instructions. A very simple action would mean so much for the cause of preserving real country music !! Please share this message with your friends…..We offer our very sincere appreciation in advance !! with Donna Richard Lynch

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