Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Advice? or Bad Advice? Leave us your opinion below...

Good Advice? or Bad Advice? We'll give you our opinion, you can leave us a comment and tell us if you agree or not.

Circumstances: You receive a notice to appear at your local court for Jury Duty.
What to do? What to do?

Good advice: Respond to the summons by appearing in person on the day, time and place indicated, unless physically unable to appear. Then you most certainly should notify the court prior to appearance time.

Bad advice: Ignore it.
If you ignore a Jury duty summons, you will most certainly receive a visit from your local Sheriff's department to see why you failed to appear.

(Side note: on receiving a Jury duty notice, and upon appearing, it was for the Grand Jury which decides the merits of possible cases which may be going to trial. This was during the winter months, and upon asking the District Attorney in charge of the Grand Jury: 'What if the weather turns bad and travel is too bad for my car? His answer: 'The Sheriff's department will send a car for you.')

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