Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#Nashville #NashvilleMusic shared4 Brenda Cole on June 11, 2014

#Nashville #NashvilleMusic shared4 @Brenda Cole who said:'YOU ARE INVITED: We will be shooting 2 episodes on Nashville Showcase with Earl Lett, Shine Shine Shine Sunshine Brenda Cole also known as Sunshine & Moon with Clifford Garrow Jr. Randy Smith and special guests Boomer Castleman and Lois Hess tomorrow at Necat Network let me know if you want to be in the V.I.P. guest list for the TV audience June 12th, 2014 12:00pm to 5:00pm Produced by A-1 Productions Earl Lett also known as Florida Bill.

Brenda Cole also said:'

Photo of Sunshine Brenda Cole of Shine Shine Shine on Melody Dawn Records at Necat Networkfilming the Earl lett Nashville Showcase in Nashville, Tennessee last March with Clifford Garrow Jr. David Thain Randy Smith Brenda Cole Photo by Don Whittington They will be filming at Necat tomorrow June 12th, 2014 2 new episodes of Nashville showcase with Shine! Shine!! Shine!! and special guests appearance by Boomer Castleman and Lois Hess Brenda has also appeared recently onNashville Side Streets hosted by Ronnie Dean with Cliff Garrow, David Thain. Randy Lane, and Allen Riley. and as an extra in Nashville last season Karah Marie Tucker and Cindy Rushton Barbara LucashJustin Nashville Nancy P Goodman and has a weekly show on Saturday's called Grand Ole Legends with her band from 8:00pm to 12:00am Brenda is managed by David Dalton in Las Vegas and records on Melody Dawn Records of Los Angeles, California family owned by Harold SmithBarbara Smith and enjoys singing music with her family Darla Cole David Cole Brandon Cole Ellen Flerchinger and Glenn Smith Here records have been played recently internet radio all over the world. She has also enjoyed top Billboard positions with her previous releases from the Country Lover CD. New releases are Sunshine Shine!!! and Brenda - Mississippi Woman
 — with Clifford Garrow Jr.,

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