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Blake Weibert: 5 things about this Nashville singer/songwriter #NashvilleSingerSongwriterFriends:

We like to write about some of our many Nashville Singer/Songwriter friends and one of those is the subject of this article and is shown in the above photo, 2nd from right, black shirt.

When we first met musician Blake Weibert it was at one of the Nashville TV show tapings which we attended during season 2 of the show, which is filmed in Nashville. As we all sat at the same table, waiting our turn to appear in one of the show scenes, we became acquainted with Blake Weibert and all of the others who sat at our table, during the breaks from the taping of the show.
With Blake Weibert being a singer and songwriter, we met on common ground, as many of the folks around Nashville who go to be 'Extras' in the Nashville TV show are musicians, singers or songwriters.
Since meeting Blake, we became friends on Facebook and we keep up with his career through his postings on his personal Facebook page and on his 'Blake Weibert Music Page'.
Blake was gracious enough to answer some of our questions for this and one more article about his music career and what his hopes are for his own American dream in the music business.

Q. Blake, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from originally?

A. Nancy, I was born in West Palm Beach, FL and moved to Manchester, TN at age 7.  Left Manchester at 18 to attend Memphis State University to major in Music.

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Q. When did you become interested in a career in music and singing?

A. I knew music was my thing at age 13, when I took an interest in drums, got kicked out of beginning band, and then "got" a drum set, played in hard rock, alternative, and then Blues bands, while learning many different styles of drumming.  I started singing at the age of 22, after deciding to rebel from classical guitar and get away from hauling around a drum set.

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Q. What singer(s) or band (or person) was your biggest influence in your early years?  And what singer would you say you sound most like?

A. At first, 'Hard Rock' bands like Rush, AC/DC, Metallica, Slayer, Triumph, Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly, Triumph, The Police, Iron Maiden, and whatever else I may be forgetting. When it came to singing, it was Howlin' Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Bobby Blue Bland, Elmore James, Muddy Waters, Bukka White, but John Hammond inspired me to do the one man Blues thing.  As to who I may sound like? It's hard for me to put a label on that.  You tell me.

Q. What about family? Any of them sing, too, or in the music business?

A. My niece, Emma, an accomplished clarinetist, has her choice of free rides to (insert university of your choice here), and her fraternal twin, Anna, who is an amazing singer, is also a genius level mathematician, who will be attending the University of the South on full gift.
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Q. What is your own American dream?

A. My 'American Dream' is to experience ALL of America, and travel the world over, experiencing the natural beauty of this planet, its' people, and the cuisines.  Yeah, I'm a foodie, Can't ya tell?
You can read the second installment of Blake Weibert's story at: Blake Weibert: Nashville singer tells us 5 more things about himself  and we invite you to leave a comment in the space provided below.

(This article was previously published on Examiner by one of the writers of this blog.)

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