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Alyssa Jacey: #NashvilleSingerSongwriterFriends: Alyssa Jacey answers 5 more questions on her music career

When we are checking in on many of our singer, songwriter friends in Nashville, we will usually try to keep up with what is happening, day-to-day, in their musical careers and endeavors. From appearing in one of the many local Nashville singer/songwriter rounds, to collaborating with others who are here in Nashville to earn a living through their songwriter skills, to appearing at some of the places to donate their musical talents to charitable efforts, there is a lot to say and a lot to write about our Nashville singer/songwriter friends.The name of singer songwriter Alyssa Jacey is well known in the Nashville area and other areas for her singing and her involvement in the music business. This article is one we were privileged to share with our readers a few weeks ago, and we are repeating it here to reach more of our readers on our new blog.

When we wrote about Nashville singer and songwriter, Alyssa Jacey, in another article Alyssa Jacey: Nashville singer answers 6 questions on her music and career. This time there are five more questions which this young and inspiring singer has answered for us.

We can envision Alyssa Jacey's dreams of a musical career success with no problems whatsoever, as she is not only a hard-worker, but she keeps her dreams and future hopes in sight, and she is determined to make all of her own 'American Dream' come true.
Alyssa said in a recent note to us:
I'm trying to raise money to pay for my 7th album that is going to be released this spring? The donation button is on my website right here:
Tuesday, May 6, Alyssa hosted a 'Stage-It' concert online and she posted this message on her Facebook page to let us know about it:
ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT TO SELL FOUR TICKETS! They're $3/each! For a FIFTY minute, ONLINE show you can watch from HOME! C'mon!
Help me sell my fifth concert out in a row! Thank you in advance!
Read further to gain some new insight and understanding of this young and talented singer:

Q. Alyssa, where can we find you on the web or contact you?

A. Google me! haha (Seriously, though, that is the fastest way to find all the sites I'm on),, I'm on iTunes, Spotify, there's an Alyssa Jacey Radio Station on Pandora,, and /AlyssaJaceyMusic, Twitter, Instagram, you name it.

Q.  Alyssa, what do you hope to accomplish and where do you want to be 10 years down the road?

A. 10 years from now I'll be in my 40's! That sounds crazy to me, but my 30's have been AWESOME, so bring it on! By 42, I certainly hope to have made a name for myself on the musical side of TV/Film and commercials. My #1 goal right now is to get placement for my music and I want that to be ongoing. My 2nd goal is to maintain my mentoring business and continue helping to guide other artists in their careers.

Q. What is your advice for others who are starting out along the same path?

A. Don't you ever give up. EVER. You follow your heart and that will always lead you where you need to be. Stay grounded and realistic. Understand you may second guess yourself along the way, but that's just being human. You and only you can determine what your life will be like, and as long as you keep your head up and stay positive, GREAT things will continue to happen.

Q. What about your personal life, family & such? Do any of them play or sing? (family background...)

A. My grandpa who died when I was three, played clarinet and saxophone. He was a dentist, but played those two instruments for fun. It's sad I never got a chance to really know him, but I have to assume I must have gotten some form of musical talents from him! My mom has sung along to the radio for fun my whole life and I can remember thinking when I was younger, "My mom has such a pretty voice!" I would harmonize with her, way before I even stepped into the realm of singing. When I look back, it baffles me that THAT was what I was doing and yet, I never pursued it until nearly two decades later.

Q. Alyssa, I understand that you've had prior press articles, so can you share them with us?

A. Yes, I do have a couple of press articles to list, thank you for asking!

Alyssa Jacey: International Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Drummer and Mentor! A DIY specialist!

At The Hops Episode 17 - Alyssa Jacey (June 29, 2013)

Stay tuned and we will bring you more news about Alyssa Jacey in the near future, perhaps about her upcoming CD which we are sure will be great.

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