Monday, June 30, 2014

--July 1: #Nashville #NashvilleMusic Billy Lee at Country Nites Tavern Writers Night Tuesday 6 - 11 p.m.

July 1: #Nashville #NashvilleMusic via Billy Lee who said:''This is gonna be a little different post than normal. Yes, we are still having Nashville's Unsigned Best Writers Night at Country Nites Tavern, 109 E. Due West Ave., Madison, TN on Tuesday night from 6-11, but it's not gonna be like any other one we've had. We are doing a lamplight writers in the round in the middle of the room. Our lineup is gonna be unmatched. Were still gonna have the 1.50 drafts and other specials, but we are turning Country Nites into a listening room. We will have 3 writers per round for one hour rounds. Check out this lineup.
6-7 Jamie WayzMichael J Sullivan, Kat Lee Jones,
7-8 Breann YoungJoshua Adam HammonsBrad Howard,
8-9 Billy Lee, @Amanda Jo, Roger Greene,
9-10 Angela Easley, Marci Pace, @Joseph Reed,
10-11 Marc Oriet, Warren Garrett, Tyler Lowe.
It's gonna be epic. Come early and stay late and listen to these great writers.

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